November 11-13, 2024 | Dublin, Ireland

Accelerating the future of open and disaggregated technologies

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Multiple summits under one roof
Technology showcases and product demos
An incredible exhibition featuring the leading companies in open and disaggregated telecom infrastructure
Thought leading and impartial conference content from the Telecom Infra Project and leading industry partners
Meet with the right individuals and businesses that will help drive the growth of your own organization
Network with C-Level executives, visionary speakers, innovators and disruptors




Amanda Toman

US Department of Commerce



Caroline Chan

VP and GM, 5G Infrastructure Division, Network Platform Group



Cristina Rodriguez

VP, Network and Edge Group & GM, Wireless Access Network Division



David Hutton

Chief Engineer

Telecom Infra Project


Eugina Jordan

Chief Marketing Officer

Telecom Infra Project


Juan Carlos Garcia

SVP Technology Innovation and Ecosystem



Kaniz Mahdi

SVP Technology Architecture & Innovation

Deutsche Telekom


Kristian Toivo

Executive Director

Telecom Infra Project


Lauren Leboucher

Group CTO and Senior Vice President

Orange Innovation Networks


Andrea Donà

Chief Network Officer



Vishal Mathur

Global Head of Engagement

Telecom Infra Project


Yago Tenorio

Chairman, Telecom Infra Project & Fellow and Network Architecture Director


Click here to submit your information to request to be a speaker at this year’s annual Fyuz event. Speaking slots are not guaranteed, but will be considered based on your skills, technology, and what speaking tracks are available.

What Our Attendees Say

Very exciting. The keynotes were great, several of the panels that I visited were really informative and the people were bringing new perspectives that I hadn’t heard before.

Bill McKenney, Senior Principal at the Wireless Group, Analog Devices

I’m loving it. I love the venue, it’s stunning and just the right size, it’s easy to navigate around it. I really like the Fyuz concept, I’ve spoken to a few people and most people are now saying, “yea, it has worked” and I’m really enjoying the balance of the work and the technology with beautiful food. And honestly, what a great networking environment.

David Green, Deloitte Partner for 5G, Deloitte

It’s been really successful for us. When we go to industry events Open RAN is frequently “one” of the tracks or topics. It’s very interesting to be in an environment where really that is the only topic that’s being discussed and there’s still a lot of questions that need to be answered. But having everybody here in the same environment talking about the concept of “openness”, not just Open RAN, but Open Networking and there’s Open Optical solutions … it’s everybody trying to figure out together exactly what’s the right way to make this successful. So I think from that standpoint, Fyuz has been a big success.

David Cohen, Head of Marketing for 5G, NEC

The entire setup is very warm - it’s actually put together for harboring collaboration. There’s a lot of opportunity around meeting people, networking, and being able to discuss the proper issues. I think there are a lot of relevant folks, as opposed to some of the other shows where primarily it’s sales. Here there is a lot of interest in terms of collaboration, solving problems, figuring out how to make things work, as opposed to just selling.

Samir Chatterjee, CEO & Founder, Rebaca Technologies

It's great to be back, right. Face to face meeting. We're happy to see everyone and engage with our partners, engage with the community and overall, you know, driving the message and driving our shared vision, and see some real world implementations of disaggregation and openness.

Gil Gabay, VP Strategy & Business Development, Ceragon Networks

It's been great. It's been a great event, it's lovely to be here in Madrid. Gives us an opportunity to share what we're doing in the industry with the relevant industry voices. We've got our ecosystem partners here, we've got the operators here. It's been a great mix and a lot of great conversations.

Jeff Gowan, Head of Telco Marketing, WINDRVR

This is the first time that I'm seeing an event where there is a mix between the conference, there is a mix between the attendees, the exhibition and as well, the food. And so, seeing all those food pods all over and the quality of the food and this experience, I think that's making people enjoy the event. And we [AMD] are enjoying the event.

Giles Garcia, Senior Director Business, AMD

Fantastic. The ambience, the presentation and the quality of the event is just so fantastic. Not to mention the food.

Hanen Garcia, Global Telco Solutions Manager, Red Hat

It has been very positive. It's very important for us, it's a way we can interact with customers and vendors. Fyuz is very important for us in the technology development regard, but Fyuz is also very important to us because it brings business connections, whether it's system integrators or resellers. So it's a way to create technology and to sell technology and that's very important for us.

Heimdall Siao, President, Edgecore Networks

It has been great. Especially the combination between the telecommunication subjects, and the food, especially tacos. Yesterday was excellent. The combination of the two topics has given us an excellent experience here in Madrid.

Hugo Nava, Open Network Partner, NTT Data

Fyuz has been great. It's a very unique combination of technology and gastronomy. It's definitely not something you think about or hear about every day. And we all walk around with an empty stomach sometimes after sessions at events like these. And there’s nothing better than a nice warm meal with really great cuisines from around the world.

Ian Wong, Director of RF and Wireless Architecture, Viavi Solutions

Totally different. Right? I think in the past, all of the other TIP Summits we've been to, it's been progressively increasing in terms of attendance. It's been increasing in terms of what things are actually coming out and people are showing. It's really exciting to see how big it's grown. This is the most grand TIP Summit/Fyuz that we've ever been to, and we're really excited to be here. You're seeing so much more energy, a lot more people coming out and a lot of people demonstrating real world devices and real world networks and real world implementations.

Jefferson Wang, Global 5G and Networks Lead, Accenture

It's clearly the one occasion of the year where the open community gets together. I think it's going to be a great discussion of where open interfaces and open architectures are really going to go in the future.

John Baker, SVP of Business Development, Mavenir

Tremendous show. You can feel the energy with everyone buzzing around. And you can see the excitement in the industry as there are more customers who are adopting disaggregation as well as the ecosystem expanding.

Kelly LeBlanc, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, IP Infusion

This is a really amazing event and, especially, the food is really good. And we have seen that this is a community which is dedicated to solutions and you have so many familiar faces who you are meeting after a long time because of the pandemic. It's a really good experience to see the Metaverse with the community and to talk to everybody about Open RAN and how we can take Open RAN to market. It's really exciting

Masood Amin, VP Product Management, Capgemini

I think it's a good thing, mixing technology and the food, which is very nice. I tried some of the, it was like a “flying cloud” together with some muffins. It was very good. Fyuz is a unique experience!

Patrik Westfalk, Managing Director for EU and SA, Comba

Great to be on site personally because after a while of lockdowns and working from home, it's really nice to be here and meet with people. Especially with people who are partners in this ecosystem because we are all like minded. Everybody here is pushing for disaggregated networking. So having the ability to meet people, exchange ideas and help drive the next steps in these desegregated open networks is really what makes this event really great.

Petr Kastovski, Product Manager, Intel

It has been quite unique, I would say. We were at MWC Barcelona this year and I remember how we scrambled to get some food. So here the food was always there. It's a pleasant experience. And the concept itself is based on food. The way food is diverse in nature, networks are also diverse in nature. The way a consumer, a customer gets to choose different parts of food and create their own recipe, networks can also be created and defined using various ingredients that are available in the market. So it's a unique concept. We enjoyed being here. We got the opportunity to talk to various stakeholders, starting from vendors, enterprises and their customers and so on. The experience has been really enriching.

Ranga Swamy, Principal Consultant, HCL Tech

It's really great to be able to join a live event, especially after two years shut down due to COVID. So it's really good to talk with our partners and customers face to face. We can exchange our information. Very efficient and it's productive for us. And especially with Fyuz we can talk about business in a very relaxed setting and with very good food. It's really a very organized environment.

Ray Chang, Engineering Director, UfiSpace

It’s an event like I've never seen before. It's a unique combination of good food, a nice setup, very well organized, and I think also some high quality attendance. So it's been good so far.

Stan Claes, CEO, Accelleran

This is pretty nice. The well organized booths have nice, wide spaces. People are able to meet each other. Finding a chair in MWC is a problem. But here, you see, every booth has a place where people can talk. You do not have to stand in a queue for food. People come to serve you. It's fantastic. It allows people to concentrate on networking and talking to each other. I would suggest that MWC guys also replicate this model.

Vivek Tiwary, Global Head of Delivery for Network Services, Tech Mahindra

I would say the look and feel has changed a lot. The location is wonderful as well. But I would say the most important part is bringing the community together, from the operator community who is willing to stand by Open RAN and promote more and more networking. As well as also bringing a lot of the vendors out there right from the OEMs and ODMs. So this is a great place to bring everybody together, to have a single focus on how to grow Open RAN.

Munish Chhabra, Head of Mobility Software and Services Business, Radisys

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